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Dec 13, 2012 11:35pm PST
. maybe charlie watts and the guys in the band. there's just a magic to it. i'm in love of it, really. after all, when it comes down to it, what do duo, what are we good at, we touch people's hearts. >> and to think the stones nearly split for good several times over recent decades. as keith revealed in his recent autobiography "life," his resentiment for jagger began building in the '80s when the singer's ego seemed to grow too big for the band. i used to love to hang with mick, he wrote, but i haven't gone to his dressing room in 20 years. sometimes i miss my friend. where the hell did he go? that line makes the film "charlie is my darling" all the more poignant. shot in the 1965 tour, it shows the glimmer twins writing songs as a true creative team. but keith's insults of jagger in his book were so sering it took a reported apology from richards before this reunion could even happen. how would you characterize your relationship with keith these days? >> at the moment, it's good. a pretty good working relationship. we see each other, we go onstage and we play together and we
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1